In order to celebrate World Cocoa and Chocolate Day, Sweetzerland Chocolates has launched a creation highlighting cocoa in all its forms: mucilage (fresh cocoa pulp), beans and couverture.

An authentic tribute of style and taste!

“Ephemeral: cocoa in all its forms”

Ephémère is a unique chocolate that combines the fruity freshness of cocoa pulp with the subtelty of a Grand cru Himalayan white tea, enhanced with caramelized cocoa chips. Cocoa juice is indeed a unique and ephemeral product, from the first day of fermentation of the beans. Not yet exploited by cocoa farmers, it requires meticulous and quick post-harvest processing.

To make this project a reality, our craftsmen worked hand-in-hand with Alexis Touon, founder of Noa Noa Chocolat, who supplied the fresh pods to extract the precious nectar. Noa Noa is a vision of chocolate “Tree to bar”, without any intermediary, privileging quality, flavor, durability and ethics. Values that are dear to Sweetzerland and are at the heart of all our creations.

Ephemeral chocolate is available at the limited edition boutique.


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