Sweetzerland passion and excellence

Handcrafted in Switzerland
Every bite of Sweetzerland chocolate tells the story of our endless quest for excellence. We believe that no other food in the world reflects the sublime as well as luxury Swiss chocolate. This is why we infuse our passion and knowledge into every piece of chocolate handcrafted in our atelier in Geneva, Switzerland.

Commitment to Ethical Sourcing
We use the finest ingredients, combining locally sourced Swiss hay milk and salt crystals from the Alps with exclusive cocoa vintages from around the world. Only the best vintages have been selected from places such as Ecuador, Madagascar and Java; originating from renowned plantations that have been cultivating cocoa beans for generations. This allows us to craft chocolates that will delight even the most discerning connoisseur! Because we adhere to rigorous standards of quality, you will never find the slightest trace of hydrogenated vegetable fats, preservatives, or palm oil in our chocolates.

Created with a feminine touch
What makes our chocolates so special is the creative blending of flavors and the execution of artisanal techniques performed by our esteemed Master Chocolatier, Elena, and her team. It requires more than the finest ingredients nature offers to craft the transcendent flavors and beautiful textures Sweetzerland chocolates are known for.

A Unique Experience
Ingenuity. Passion. Exquisite ingredients. Every chocolate we create is our promise to you. Experience the best artisanal Swiss chocolate with Sweetzerland chocolates.