Once upon a time in Sweetzerland …

Sweetzerland is the story of a passion

But also of an ambition : to take the art of Swiss chocolate to a whole new level by blending tradition with innovation. In our quest for the ideal chocolate, we had to rediscover the age-old secret of 100% artisanal chocolate-making, but also imagine a collection of exclusive products to surprise and delight the most sophisticated palates.

Each of the chocolates in our range expresses the pursuit of perfection embodied by the Sweetzerland brand.

The subtle refinement of a uniquely feminine touch.

That’s because the creative talent behind Sweetzerland’s lovingly crafted collection of chocolates includes a woman and her team. Like master perfumers blending a rare scent, we invent bold new flavors and experiment with daring combinations of the finest natural ingredients. 

Rigorously selected ingredients.

Sweetzerland uses only the finest grand crus cocoas, sourced from Venezuela, the Ivory Coast and beyond. Our chocolates meet the highest standard of quality and contain no hydrogenated vegetable fats, conservatives or palm oil.

That is how Sweetzerland’s traditionally handcrafted chocolates achieve an intensity of taste you will find nowhere else.