At Sweetzerland, particular attention is paid to sourcing raw materials. Behind our creations there are exceptional products, terroirs, stories of men and women, shared passions. Sure that the creation of a good chocolate passes through the knowledge of these stories, we seek authentic flavors that reveal the essence of their terroir, with the ambition to transmit an emotion.

Last July, our Chocolatier Designer and Production Manager visited our almond and pistachio producers in Sicily. Val di Noto almonds and Bronte D.O.P. green pistachios are Presidi Slow Food (a global movement committed to biodiversity, sustainable production and equity).

Concetto, 33, welcomes us in his family farm, in this corner of Sicily that has kept his heart of yesteryear. Decorated with typical dry stone walls, in the middle of lemon trees, olive trees, carob trees, prickly pears and, of course, almond trees, we enjoy delicious homemade almond milk and discover the path of this young man who works in biodynamics.

It is with stars full of eyes that we leave, this time, to the discovery of the green gold of Sicily.

Direction Bronte, on the slopes of Etna, to meet the Bonaccorso family. Far from the image of small flowering shrubs, it is a vigorous plant with roots that pierces the lava rock that presents itself to us. The volcanic terrain and torrid climate have made this fruit a rare and precious product, with unique aromas and flavours. A harvest exclusively by hand because in the lochi (pistachio trees, in local dialect), the terrain is hilly and sloping and the small emerald fruits difficult to access. Representing 1% of world production, their harvest takes place every other year and must meet a very precise specifications in order to obtain the D.O.P. (Protected Origin Designation) label.

You will have understood, at Sweetzerland we believe that it is the details that make all the difference!

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